5 tips for B2B sales on LinkedIn

5 tips for B2B sales on LinkedIn

We can’t ignore it anymore. LinkedIn is no longer the place where you can only post your diploma or job update, but it is a powerful networking platform where you can grow a brand, connect with customers and create a strong community. Although other social media are often saturated, and it is difficult to have a large reach without advertisements, LinkedIn throws all doors open, and you can even score high as a newbie with the right content. It is certainly true for companies. The algorithm of LinkedIn wants to support SMEs and allow them to grow fast. This is the so-called Robinhood algorithm.

Is LinkedIn useful for me?

When determining your marketing strategy, it is essential to think carefully about your media mix’s differentiation. Investing in all channels is often counterproductive, and therefore it is crucial to approach your target audience in the right way. 

Is your company B2B focused? Then LinkedIn is most likely the holy grail for your B2B marketing. With a massive range of decision-makers, it’s the digital place to gain trust for your brand. 

Whether it’s about growing your influence, lead generation, or expanding your network, some useful tips ensure that the LinkedIn algorithm gives your content the proper attention it deserves.

1. Keep the party on LinkedIn.

Imagine investing millions in your platform to offer certain features, but your users are always linking to other platforms. Wouldn’t you give priority to those who do use the functionalities? 

Often you see posts appear with a CTA (call to action) to a YouTube video, an article, or another social media platform. This is one of the most common errors that reduce the reach of your content. 

It is also good to keep in mind that decision-makers on LinkedIn sometimes only have LinkedIn or want to keep it separate from other social media. 

Tip: Use the features of LinkedIn as much as possible, and if you really want to link to another website, do so in the first comment.

2. What do others need to win?

Although LinkedIn isn’t the sexiest platform, it contains information relevant to growing your business or finding the right people. For that reason, it is logical that the peak moments are during office hours. 

With a cup of coffee in one hand and a smartphone in the other, users want to find out as quickly as possible how they can perform even better. That’s why they also follow specific people or pages. 

Do you want to increase your reach? Then make sure you’re the person who spreads useful information and helps your target audience grow. The content for this can be very broad, but interviews, podcasts, case studies, and so on are often the most popular and most successful. It will also help you gain the trust of potential customers. 

Not only the distribution of content is essential, but also the interaction with interesting posts. These, in turn, will be shown to your network, allowing you to be a source of information as well. So don’t be selfish, and be sure to like and comment on interesting content.

3. Like, comment & ... try not to share!

LinkedIn is often compared to Facebook in 2010 in terms of organic reach. However, this does not mean that we should adopt habits that work on Facebook on LinkedIn. 

When you would like to share your colleague’s or friend’s post to your network, sharing is not the best option. A like or comment usually has a better effect, and it also supports the author of the content. 

Do you really want to share a specific post or write an opinion about it? In that case, you should copy the content and upload it again. This works better to achieve a better organic reach.

4. Use it as a funnel.

As an entrepreneur, but also as an employee, it is essential to distinguish between the content of your personal page and that of your company page. After all, it’s still people who buy brands and not companies. So make sure you gain your target audience’s trust by sharing your expertise or supporting their posts. 

Once you gain someone’s trust, they will click through to your profile and see your company or the one you work for. When they get to the company profile, it is important to provide the right content. After a few clicks or after reading a few posts, they need to know right away what you are doing and what you can do to help them. 

Do you want to convert these visitors into leads and even convert them into sales? Then read the following tip!

Marketing Funnel LinkedIn

5. Convert sales

What are you doing with visitors on your LinkedIn page if you can’t convert them into leads? When you have gained the trust of potential customers, it is vital to have a clear CTA on your company page. It’s not sexy, but downloads are the tool of choice for this. You can collect data from potential customers and point them in the right direction to grow, remember, tip 2. Templates and checklists are the perfect documents for that. 

Next, landing pages with registrations for an event are always a good option. In fact, you’re already planning a kind of first meeting with a potential client where you can convince them of your expertise even further. 

Finally, you have a list of potential clients that you can approach or reach again through retargeting.

How well do you score?

Do you want to know how optimized your profile is? For this, LinkedIn has developed the LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score. A tool with which you can check how well you score on creating your own brand, finding the right people, exchanging information, and building relationships. Both within your industry and within your network, you can measure how well you are doing. Not only the score is important, but a high score also ensures that the LinkedIn algorithm gives you priority when posting content. Check your score here and get started right away!

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